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Save Our Nation

Our Nation's last, best hope is in Jesus Christ. The Wisconsin District has a vision to reach the entire state with the gospel and it starts here. With us. Please click the links below and discover how you can be involved in the greatest outpouring of the Holy Ghost our generation has seen.

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If there are no vessels to be filled, then the Spirit cannot be poured out as mightily as God intends to pour it out. Watch as we discuss different methods and modes of outreach for you as individual, and for our church

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Altar Training

The faith and training of the believer praying for a person is one of the most vital components to an outpouring of the Holy Ghost. Join us as we talk about the good and the bad of praying for others in the altar that they may receive the Holy Ghost

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We must be willing to help newborn babes grow in Christ. However, that cannot properly happen if we are not equipped with ways to retain them after they are born again. Watch as we discuss different ways to keep new people connected to the Body.