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We're a Bible-believing church that preaches, worships, and lives knowing the Bible is the inspired Word of God. We believe the entire Bible, not just parts of it. We are affiliated with the United Pentecostal Church, Intl. 


To Minister the life-changing message of Jesus Christ to every person in La Crosse County. We will do this by planting churches all across La Crosse County ensuring everybody can find their home somewhere.


We create an environment where God is free to do what only He can do. We engage in biblical worship, preach the entire Bible, pray believing God hears and answers, and expect that God will transform the lives of those present in our services.


Pastor Rob Becker is a military veteran having served in both the Army (82nd Airborne, paratrooper) and the Air Force (934th Airlift Wing, Command Post Controller). He and his wife, Katrina, are first generation Pentecostals who have served faithfully since their transformations in 1987 (Katrina) and 1990 (Rob). They were married in 1996 and have served wherever needed - Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, Music Ministry, Outreach Ministry and Drama. Pastor Becker has also served as Associate Pastor, Church Planter, Section 4 Wisconsin District Sunday School Representative, Section 5 Wisconsin District Secretary, and Purpose Institute Bible Teacher. January 31, 2021 the Beckers answered the call to Pastor Calvary Apostolic Church of La Crosse, WI. They are joined in ministry by their four wonderful children – Alexander, Ryan, Kylah, and Alayna.

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